Small Talks is a place for sharing the untold stories of making innovative products and services. We know the big idea or glossy final outcome is only half the story. We believe there’s more to learn from how we got there; translating passion into process, and ideas into action.

Small Talks is organised by product innovation studio Made by Many.


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Innovative spaces

In a design industry that aspires to create workplaces that encourage innovation and creative thinking, why do we find ourselves bound by a linear process akin to a production line? What would it take to break free from this process? Oliver will describe how a codesign process brings together all stakeholders (strategic, design, service, operational) to create engaging and adaptable places for people to do their best work.

Building Bowndling

How do you make technical clothing look better, but actually mean something more than just fashion? What does disrupting garment manufacturing actually look like? What if your dream business model doesn’t include an a physical workplace at all? Collyn will share the story of how she co-founded women’s adventurewear company Bowndling, and her ambition to be an inclusive brand that is about the dreams of women of all kinds.

Open making

What happens when you enable designers to distribute their products through a global network of makers? How can you apply open-source software development principles to designing and manufacturing furniture for workspaces? Nick will unpack his experience of founding OpenDesk, a web platform offering designer furniture that can be made locally all around the world.

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